Fragile X Treatment: Medicine's Next Big Thing?

Fragile X Treatment: Medicine's Next Big Thing?
Fragile X syndrome is a genetic condition that causes intellectual disability, learning challenges, autism and behavioral problems. It occurs in more boys than girls and you may be a carrier of the gene and not show any signs or symptoms. Now, medicine …

Charting a Better Exit Strategy for Fragile Populations
Ruby Roche waited for her daughter at Beaumont's Ridgewood Retirement Community on Sept. 21, 2005. There was significant confusion over the evacuation of elderly and disabled residents during Rita. Officials say they have revamped their operations.
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Botanical artist Jenny Mace aims for 500 paintings to record fragile
A botanical artist has completed nearly 500 watercolour paintings to meticulously record the flora of a fragile bioregion in regional Queensland. Jenny Mace has spent the past five years painting the flowering plants of the Desert Uplands region. The …
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Business Is A Game Of Inches
Life at my company, BodeTree has been anything but boring lately. We've signed new deals, explored interesting new opportunities and started planning for the next phase of our growth. I've found that it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and lose …
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4 Online Business Realities New Entrepreneurs Need to Know
More people than ever are considering starting their own online business as a way to make money and find the freedom and financial success they have always wanted. While running an online business definitely has its perks, not least the opportunity to …
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Do Fluctuations In The Stock Market Affect Main Street Small Business?
With all of the recent fluctuations in the market, small business owners are often left wondering, how does this affect my business, and how can I best handle any complications the fluctuating market might bring? To help these small business owners out …
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Cincinnati Officer Indicted in Samuel DuBose Shooting 'Felt His Life Was in

Cincinnati Officer Indicted in Samuel DuBose Shooting 'Felt His Life Was in
A police officer indicted for murder "felt his life was in jeopardy" when he fatally shot a man during a traffic stop in Cincinnati earlier this month, his attorney told ABC News. An arraignment was scheduled Thursday morning for Ray Tensing, who was …
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Planned Parenthood: Judge blocks pro-life group from releasing StemExpress footage
The pro-life group behind a series of undercover Planned Parenthood videos accused the bioservice firm StemExpress late Wednesday of trying to “cover up this illegal baby parts trade” after the company obtained a court order blocking the release of …
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Ten years living on a boat: 'It's a fun life – I'm not a watery hobo'
A decade ago, Susan Smillie bought a classic ketch, moored it on the Thames and moved aboard. Now hipster landlubbers squeezed out of the property market are taking to the water in droves. So what are the joys and challenges of a river residence?
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James Altucher: Interviews w/ Mark Cuban, Tim Ferriss, Arianna Huffington, Seth Godin, Tucker Max on Entrepreneurship, Investing, Health – The James Altucher Show

James Altucher: Interviews w/ Mark Cuban, Tim Ferriss, Arianna Huffington, Seth Godin, Tucker Max on Entrepreneurship, Investing, Health – The James Altucher Show

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New connectivity for rural Ghana

Tigo Ghana and international firm Altobridge have partnered on a project to take mobile voice and broadband to rural Ghana. Tigo and Altobridge Limited, which specialises in technology that cuts the cost of delivering mobile connectivity, have now completed the first phase of the satellite-backhauled, solar powered solution, on the Tigo Ghana mobile network. Altobridge reports that subscriber uptake and usage levels in these hitherto unconnected, rural village communities, have surpassed all parties’ expectations. The project has been funded by the Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communications (GIFEC), an implementing agency of the Ministry of Communications set up by the Government of Ghana to facilitate the provision of access to ICT, Internet connectivity and communications infrastructure to under-served and un-served areas of Ghana.

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GIFEC pays internet facilities for training colleges

Mr Kofi Attoh, Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communication, has said the Fund had been paying for internet facilities for training colleges over the last two years. He said this was to improve ICT learning in training colleges. Speaking at a soiree the Fund organized for journalists, Mr Attoh said GIFEC had connectivity projects that include the security services, the Disability, e-Learning, Common Communication Facilities, the Last Mile Initiative and the School Connectivity projects.The others are the e-Health, ICT Capacity building, Community Information, School Connectivity, Rural Pay Phone, Easy Business, Post Office Connectivity, the e-Fishing, the Public Education Electromagnetic Field exposure and Health and the Library Connectivity Projects. Mr Attoh said GIFEC had mounted communication masks with solar panels in rural areas in all the 10 regions and this cost the Fund $2 million. He said the GIFEC project had improved the lives of many people in both the rural and urban including prisoners. The Fund, he said, would also inaugurate an ICT Centre at the Akropong School for the Blind that the Fund built.GIFEC is an agency of the Ministry of Communication to facilitate the provision of basic telephony to un-served and underserved communities in the country.

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30,000 youth to be trained under NYEP ICT module – Minister

The Government has decided that 30,000 more youth be trained under the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Module of the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP), Dr Edward Omane-Boamah, a Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, has disclosed. He said the beneficiaries were expected to be trained in a wide range of areas related to ICT including mobile phone and laptop assembling and repairs, entrepreneurship skills, computer hardware and computer software. Dr Omane-Boamah said this in a speech read on his behalf in Koforidua on Wednesday at a graduation ceremony for 717 beneficiaries who had undergone a six-month training in ICT and mobile phone repairs. The training programme was made possible by the rlg Communication Company. He reiterated the commitment of the Ministry to ensure that the National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) was offered adequate resources to facilitate the recruitment and training of more youth, irrespective of political affiliation. ”This is imperative to correct the notion that only party youth are beneficial of the NYEP”. Dr Omane-Boamah said the Ministry equally welcomed the decision by rlg to expand its training facilities across the country to pave way for more trainees to enroll under the programme.

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