Gambian delegation to learn from Ghana on e-government Project

A six member delegation from The Gambia has paid a visit to the Ghana National Data Centre as part of a five day tour to understudy Ghana’s e-government project in Accra. The e-government project is being implemented by the government of Ghana, under the sponsorship of the World Bank, to assist government to generate growth and employment to influence Information and Communication Technology and public private partnership.  Mr William Tevie, Director General of National IT Agency (NITA) stated that Ghana had made good strides in the e-government project, saying “the GovNET infrastructure had been rolled out across the country in over 100 Municipal and District Assemblies connected, to enable them to take advantage of the e-government applications.

He said the National Datacentre project was a critical component of the entire E-ghana project in the wake of recent fire outbreaks, which wiped sensitive government data. Mr Tevie said the Ministry of Communication was contributing to improving efficiency and transparency in government functions through improved communication and e-government application. Another component of the e-government, according to the Director, was the Ge-Gov integrated business registration and tax management system, which is currently operational at the Registrar General’s Department.  Mr Momodou Lamin Bah , Leader of the delegation said the visit had given the team a great insight into Ghana’s  E-government project and hoped to also model its E-government project along the best practice being implemented by NITA. “Ghana’s e-government project is phenomenal and we have a lot to learn from it” he said.

Source: GNA

Nigerian hackers are currently attacking Nigerian government websites

Image27 May 2011 - A group of Nigerian hackers is currently attacking government websites. Earlier today, NaijaCyberHacktivists announced via Twitter the takedown of the National Poverty Eradication Programme website, including a link to its work: down..NAPEP has been hacked! Poverty Alleviation SCAM! You enrich your pockets at the mercy of the poor.” @NaijaCyberHack/Twitter

The image placed on websites hacked by NaijaCyberHackists

On Wednesday, the hackers infiltrated the website for the Niger Delta Development Commission, an agency set up to develop the region, posting a nine-paragraph letter protesting the N1 billion ($6.6 million) budget for President Goodluck Jonathan‘s upcoming inauguration.

The website was momentarily restored, but completely unavailable at the time of this post, apparently the victim of a denial-of-service attack. Nigeria is both lousy with unemployment and rich in raw technology talent. That’s a big reason those 419 scam emails are still rampant on the Internet. So named for the Nigerian Criminal Code article dealing with fraud, 419 scams offer easy money or love, or an offer not to kill you, if you just provide access to your bank account.

People still fall for these scams, even though websites inreasingly block Nigerian ISPs. Now, however, the country’s poverty seems to have inspired some of its computer-saavy citizens to use their talent to challenge the government.   Continue reading