ICTs in sport and a lasting Olympic legacy

Submitted by Neil Crockett, Cisco Managing Director for London 2012 Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are fundamental to every aspect of modern society, cutting across all industry sectors and all areas of life, visible or not. Our dependence on ICTs goes far beyond the laptop, the tablet and the ubiquitous mobile. ICTs are the hidden backbone of industrial systems, commerce, transport, health, government, entertainment – defining how we live, work and play the world over. Take the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. They’re all about excellence in sport, an international community of supremely talented and dedicated athletes coming together in a celebration of human talent, spirit and ability. Beyond sport, it is a global festival and an uplifting drama of a common ambition for glory that transcends medals and nationalism. All this is witnessed, experienced and shared by millions of spectators in the in London, and sofas worldwide. Continue reading

Nigeria leads in Africa Internet speed

Nigeria leads in Africa Internet speed

According to the latest State of the Internet report by Akamai Technologies Global Internet Platform, Nigeria has overtaken South Africa in terms of Internet speed – less than eleven years after reforming its communications networks and market. According to a report, Nigeria has overtaken South Africa in terms of internet speed (image: stock.xchng) In the report it is revealed that Nigeria has an average connection speed of 322kbps with a peak rate of 5674kbps. But while South Africa’s average speed is faster at 496kbps, the country’s peak speed is only half that of Nigeria, at 2172kbps. ”All mobile providers had average peak connection speeds above 2 mbps, though last place South African provider, ZA-1 was just above the threshold, losing over 13 per cent from the prior quarter, at 2.2 mbps,”

the report stated.

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ITU, Google partner to provide free global technology statistics

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Google have teamed up to provide free global statistics on information and communication technology (ICT), the UN specialized agency has announced. The ITU said its highly regarded telecommunication and information and communication technology (ICT) statistics will now be available through the Google Public Data Explorer (PDE). ”With Google PDE users can now explore and visualize ITU’s key ICT statistical indicators from 1960 to 2011 (where data exists) for about 200 economies worldwide,” the Union said in a statement August 3, 2012. The key indicators include fixed telephone, mobile cellular, fixed (wired) Internet, fixed (wired) broadband subscriptions and penetration, as well as the percentage of individuals using the Internet. The Google Public Data Explorer platform enables quick search of statistics, and helps users quickly interpret data and statistics through rich visualizations. Continue reading