ICTs in sport and a lasting Olympic legacy

Submitted by Neil Crockett, Cisco Managing Director for London 2012 Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are fundamental to every aspect of modern society, cutting across all industry sectors and all areas of life, visible or not. Our dependence on ICTs goes far beyond the laptop, the tablet and the ubiquitous mobile. ICTs are the hidden backbone of industrial systems, commerce, transport, health, government, entertainment – defining how we live, work and play the world over. Take the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. They’re all about excellence in sport, an international community of supremely talented and dedicated athletes coming together in a celebration of human talent, spirit and ability. Beyond sport, it is a global festival and an uplifting drama of a common ambition for glory that transcends medals and nationalism. All this is witnessed, experienced and shared by millions of spectators in the in London, and sofas worldwide. Continue reading