Using the web to fight corruption –

By Nilima Pathak, Correspondent ,Published: 00:00 March 31, 2012 Gulf News,Image Credit: Courtesy: Ramesh Ramanathan

New Delhi: Bengaluru-based Ramesh Ramanathan is co-founder of Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy. Launched a decade ago, the non-profit organisation focuses on improving urban governance in India and has touched thousands of lives in some way or the other. Unsurprisingly, Ramanathan has had more than 10,000 people volunteering to work with him. Enthused by the response and disgruntled with the massive corruption scandals afflicting the country, he launched a website. Within a year, ipaidabribe.comĀ has become the world’s largest crowd-sourced collection of data on corruption

People report corruption and the ripple effect is seen with government departments changing their work culture and attitudes, so much so that Ramanathan is being referred to as the poster boy for urban reforms. He spoke to Gulf News in an exclusive interview

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