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Business Is A Game Of Inches
Life at my company, BodeTree has been anything but boring lately. We've signed new deals, explored interesting new opportunities and started planning for the next phase of our growth. I've found that it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and lose …
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4 Online Business Realities New Entrepreneurs Need to Know
More people than ever are considering starting their own online business as a way to make money and find the freedom and financial success they have always wanted. While running an online business definitely has its perks, not least the opportunity to …
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Do Fluctuations In The Stock Market Affect Main Street Small Business?
With all of the recent fluctuations in the market, small business owners are often left wondering, how does this affect my business, and how can I best handle any complications the fluctuating market might bring? To help these small business owners out …
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Albania Awarded Serbia Win by Sports Court in Drone Case – ABC News

Albania Awarded Serbia Win by Sports Court in Drone Case – ABC News
Albania was awarded a victory over Serbia by the top sports court on Friday in a reversal of a UEFA sanction over a soccer game that was abandoned when a drone with a political banner flew into the stadium. The Court of Arbitration for Sport decided …
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Yahoo Wants to Cash in on Daily Fantasy Sports Contests | TIME
The tech giant on Wednesday unveiled an updated version of its fantasy-sports app that allows users to bet money each day and each week with friends. There are also larger online tournaments that users can play, and Yahoo will collect 10% of the …
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CPS must add girls sports at 12 high schools to resolve federal probe
Chicago Public Schools will increase organized sports opportunities for girls at a minimum of 12 high schools for the coming school year as part of a broader settlement with federal investigators who found "significant" gender-based participation gaps …
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