Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is renowned for its rich culinary scene, including the famous Vietnamese dish, phở. While phở traditionally originates from northern Vietnam, there are also establishments in Hanoi that serve authentic southern-style phở, offering a unique taste experience. In this article, we will highlight some of the restaurants in Hanoi where you can savor phở with a southern twist.

  1. Phở Hậu:
    Located in the heart of Hanoi, Phở Hậu is a popular restaurant that specializes in southern-style phở. This establishment pays homage to the flavors and techniques of southern Vietnam, offering a distinct taste profile. Their phở features a rich and flavorful broth, tender beef or chicken, and a variety of fresh herbs and condiments that reflect the culinary traditions of the southern region.
  2. Phở Lệ:
    Phở Lệ is another notable restaurant in Hanoi that serves authentic southern-style phở. With its roots in southern Vietnam, this eatery brings the flavors and nuances of southern cuisine to the capital city. Phở Lệ’s phở stands out with its aromatic broth, soft rice noodles, and meticulously cooked meat, capturing the essence of southern Vietnam’s culinary heritage.
  3. Phở Bắc Sơn:
    Phở Bắc Sơn is a renowned phở restaurant in Hanoi that offers a unique blend of northern and southern phở styles. While predominantly known for its northern-style phở, the establishment also provides a southern-inspired version, combining the best of both regions. This fusion creates a distinctive flavor profile that appeals to phở enthusiasts looking for a taste of the south in Hanoi.
  4. Phở Quảng An:
    Located in the Quảng An area, Phở Quảng An is a popular restaurant known for its diverse phở offerings, including southern-style phở. Here, you can enjoy the rich, aromatic broth, tender slices of meat, and an array of southern-style accompaniments that bring a unique twist to the classic dish. Phở Quảng An is a favorite among locals and visitors seeking an authentic southern phở experience in Hanoi.
  5. Phở Chử Hàng Dậu:
    Phở Chử Hàng Dậu is a well-established phở restaurant in Hanoi that offers a menu featuring various regional styles, including southern-style phở. This eatery captures the essence of southern Vietnam’s phở with its distinctive broth, generous toppings, and fresh herbs. Phở Chử Hàng Dậu provides a unique opportunity to taste different regional variations of phở under one roof.

While phở is traditionally associated with northern Vietnam, Hanoi offers a selection of restaurants where you can indulge in authentic southern-style phở. Whether it’s Phở Hậu, Phở Lệ, Phở Bắc Sơn, Phở Quảng An, or Phở Chử Hàng Dậu, these establishments bring the flavors and culinary traditions of the south to the capital city. Take a culinary journey through Vietnam and experience the rich and diverse world of phở in Hanoi, with a delightful southern twist.

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