Aaron Rodgers, renowned for his exceptional talent on the football field and his ever-evolving hairstyles, often relies on specific grooming products to achieve his signature looks. While Rodgers’ hair choices may change over time, the brands and products he uses to style his hair remain consistent. Let’s take a look at some of the styling product brands Aaron Rodgers has been associated with:

1. Bumble and Bumble:

  • Product Line: Bumble and Bumble offers a range of hair care and styling products, including hair waxes, pomades, and texturizing sprays.
  • Usage: Aaron Rodgers has been known to use Bumble and Bumble’s products to achieve various hairstyles. Their pomades and waxes provide the necessary hold and shine for his classic side-parted looks.

2. American Crew:

  • Product Line: American Crew is a renowned brand known for its men’s grooming products, including styling gels, pomades, and fiber creams.
  • Usage: Rodgers’ hairstyles often exhibit a clean and polished appearance, and American Crew’s products help him achieve that refined look. Their styling gels and pomades contribute to the structured and well-groomed styles he often sports.

3. Redken Brews:

  • Product Line: Redken Brews is a line of men’s grooming products that includes hair pomades, waxes, and creams.
  • Usage: Aaron Rodgers has been associated with Redken Brews products, particularly for achieving a natural and textured finish. These products are ideal for creating a relaxed and tousled look.

4. Aveda Men:

  • Product Line: Aveda Men offers a range of hair care and styling products infused with natural ingredients.
  • Usage: Rodgers’ preference for products with natural ingredients aligns with Aveda Men’s offerings. Their styling products help him maintain a healthy and well-styled appearance.

5. Oribe:

  • Product Line: Oribe is a luxury hair care brand known for its high-quality products, including pomades, waxes, and texturizing sprays.
  • Usage: While Rodgers may opt for a more polished look in some instances, he has also experimented with relaxed and textured styles. Oribe’s products can provide the versatility needed to achieve both structured and tousled looks.

6. Hanz de Fuko:

  • Product Line: Hanz de Fuko offers a range of styling products, including clay pomades and styling creams.
  • Usage: Rodgers’ ability to switch between various styles suggests a willingness to use different products. Hanz de Fuko’s offerings provide the flexibility to create a variety of looks.


While specific details of the styling products Aaron Rodgers uses may vary, the brands mentioned above are some of the prominent names associated with his iconic hairstyles. Whether he’s aiming for a classic and polished appearance or a relaxed and textured style, these products help him achieve his desired look with consistency and flair.

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