The practice of not assigning seats for children on airplanes has become a topic of debate among travelers. While some argue that children should have assigned seats for safety and convenience, others believe it is not necessary. In this article, we will discuss the different perspectives on not assigning seats for children on airplanes and provide insights into the matter.

  1. Safety Considerations:
    Those in favor of assigning seats for children argue that it enhances safety during the flight. Assigning seats allows parents or guardians to be seated next to their children, enabling them to provide assistance and ensure their well-being throughout the journey, especially during emergencies or turbulence.
  2. Convenience and Comfort:
    Having assigned seats for children can also contribute to the overall convenience and comfort of both the children and other passengers. It allows families to sit together, making it easier for parents to manage their children’s needs and maintain a peaceful environment during the flight. This arrangement can also prevent potential disturbances caused by unaccompanied children moving around the cabin.
  3. Cost-Saving and Flexibility:
    On the other hand, airlines that do not assign seats for children often argue that it is a cost-saving measure. By not assigning specific seats, airlines can optimize seat utilization and potentially offer lower fares to passengers. Additionally, not having assigned seats allows more flexibility for passengers to choose their seating arrangements according to their preferences, which can be advantageous for families traveling together.
  4. Parental Responsibility:
    Critics of assigned seats for children believe that it is ultimately the responsibility of parents or guardians to ensure the safety and well-being of their children during the flight. They argue that parents should take proactive measures, such as arriving early to secure adjacent seats or exploring options to pre-select seats at an additional cost if desired.
  5. Varied Airline Policies:
    It is important to note that different airlines may have varying policies regarding seat assignments for children. Some airlines may offer the option to pre-select seats for families, while others may prioritize seating families together during the boarding process.

While the practice of not assigning seats for children on airplanes may have advantages in terms of cost-saving and flexibility, it can also raise concerns about safety and convenience. Ultimately, it is advisable for parents or guardians to assess their specific needs and preferences when choosing an airline and consider the importance of seating arrangements for the safety and comfort of their children. Engaging in early planning, checking airline policies, and exploring available options for seat selection can help ensure a smooth and satisfactory travel experience for everyone involved.

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